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Company focused on performance optimization and quality installation of municipal products.

OPTO : Tools designed for optimized work

In the civil engineering field, projects often require the installation of municipal products. This requires regular maintenance and updates, such as the renewal of road infrastructure, replacement of aqueducts and sewer networks within municipalities and mining developments. They are confronted with the challenge to control the quality of their installations.

ASSEMBLY PLIERS FOR TYTON JOINT PIPE This innovation allows the assembly and disassembly of pipes with a diameter varying from 75mm to 250mm without any adjustments. The pliers are created with lightweight material that is corrosion resistant, allowing its use in the roughest of weather conditions.

  • Allows for pre-assembly before excavation
  • Allows for insertion depth demanded by manufacturer
  • Allows for disassembly and pre-assembly
  • Maintains the physical integrity of the pipe, avoiding breakage of the pipe with the steel bar currently used

Currently in development, an anchor kit will allow lifting and handling in the assembly of multiple connections and pre-assembled pipes.

  • Ensures good assembly
  • Reduces likelihood of falling pieces during handling

Currently in development, these pliers will facilitate stowage of pipes with the excavator and without the necessity of additional personnel.


In collaboration with specialists on the field, we have developed and will continue to develop products aimed at reducing difficult to control errors that often lead to reduced productivity and financial strain, while optimizing production.

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